Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Coupon Binder!

Once upon a time, I stored my coupons in envelopes, which would end up scattered throughout the office, random drawers and even in the car. So, I decided to upgrade to a more organized approach... a coupon binder. I bought a cute binder for $5, and 30 sheets of sports card organizers for another $5, and voila... I made myself a coupon binder. I use the pockets on the side to hold circulars and coupon inserts that I haven't cut into yet, just for the sake of keeping things organized. 

When I go shopping, I bring my grocery list which have been matched to the coupons I've decided to use. I also print the number of coupons I expect to use, as well as the projected cost after coupons and total savings. Though this works for me, it might not work for everyone. I use a paper clip to attach the coupon stack to the groceries. And, I also bring my binder in case there are any unadvertised deals going on in the store.

I'll be honest, sometimes I do get stares from people because of my clunky binder and stack of 20+ coupons. But, I don't let it get to me. Because of my "embarrassing" coupon habit, I'm able to walk out with a cart full of groceries for $30 to $50, while most of the judgmental shoppers are spending $200.

Below, I've included a few photos of my coupon binder... I removed the uncut inserts and placed them on the side of the binder, just to give you a better view of my coupon "stock."On average, I buy two to three newspapers every Sunday, so I typically have four to six new inserts to add each week. I organize my coupons by category, and place duplicates in the same slot. Coupon organization - it's serious business, people. 

My L'oreal page. Each slot has two high value coupons! :) 


  1. Your coupon binder is just too adorable and so practical! I need to make one of those and start clipping coupons to save money like you! I can imagine how rewarding it is to leave the store with sooo much savings!!

  2. Thanks, girl! It makes planning grocery trips so much easier. All I have to do is flip to a page and find the coupon.

    You should start clipping! It really is rewarding to walk out of the store saving 50% or more. I'm certainly not the best, but I will say I am getting good at it. :)